Second Hand Piano For Sale in Malaysia – Wholesale Price in 2020

Not sure which second hand piano to buy? Let us know the brand you are looking for and your current budget. Our piano specialist will assist you to get you the right piano that is suitable for you at an affordable price. Get a free consultation now!

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Feel free to choose over the piano models (Kawai, Yamaha and Other Japan Made Pianos) that we carry and distribute.

About Sunwave Music’s Second Hand Piano

We understand that buying a high quality second hand piano in Malaysia is not a simple task. You might need to spend hours if not days to search your dream piano. This is where Sunwave Music is here to solve all your problem in searching your perfect piano.

With more than 30 years in the music industry, we have an established network of many reputable piano suppliers from both local and overseas. With this, we are very confident to find the best piano that suits your requirement.

All of the second hand pianos are directly imported from Japan,restored professionally and are handpicked by our piano specialists. You can hardly tell if it is a second hand piano or a brand new piano! Feel free to contact us to get a personal technical explanation. Not only that, we’ll provide comparison assessment between pianos to make sure that you get the best piano that suits your requirements.

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Not sure which piano is suitable for you? Contact us now to get a Free Consultation.

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The 4 Big Benefits of Own a Second Hand Piano

  • Cheaper Than Buying A New Piano

Purchasing a used piano is alot cheaper than buying a new one by about 60%-70%. If it is restored professionally, you can’t even tell if it is a second hand or new piano!

  • A Variety Of Selection Offered In The Market

In MyPianoMalaysia, we can help you to get the piano you want based on your requirements.

  • Perfect choice for beginners

If you are still new to learning to play the piano. It is best to purchase a used piano first before you upgrade to a more expensive one. This is recommended for kids who are still new to playing the piano.

  • Very durable

If the piano is well taken care of with proper restoration and tuning, it can last for over 30 – 50 years.

Why Choose MyPianoMalaysia

Once you own a piano from MyPianoMalaysia: You will receive the following free bonuses.

5 year warranty
5 Years Warranty
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Free Piano Mover Service

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FREE 2 Times Piano Tuning

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FREE Piano Heater

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Piano Stool

Piano Cover

Free Piano Cover

Piano Caster

FREE 2 Times Piano Tuning

Pre-Sales Question about Sunwave Music’s Second Hand Pianos

1.Your used pianos, where are they originate from?

All of our used piano available comes from Japan. They are imported and professionally restored from Japan.

2. Do you sell new pianos?

We only offer both new and used piano.

3. Is it better to buy a used piano?

When it comes to buying a second hand piano instead of a new one, there’s a lot of factors to reconsider. Below are some of the common questions we always get:

  • Limited Budget (Buying a used piano is more affordable than a new one)
  • More Affordable than new piano. Not much of a difference in terms of the performance after reconditioned.
  • Suitable for beginner who just starting learning to play the piano. The reason is because some might stop learning or no passion in continue playing the piano especially in the early phase.
  • Buy another unit as a spare or as an alternative.
  • Upgrade the piano to a higher spec piano.
  • Used as an interior display purpose rather than playing.

4. What has been restored or done on your second hand piano.

Check out are the process of restoring the used piano.

– voicing of hammerheads.
– restoring the piano strings and also the pins.
– clean and restoring of the soundboard, bridge and tuning block (if any)
– replacing centre pins– replace of white piano keys
– change of felts or clothes
– patch and repaint exterior paint
– piano regulation
– piano tuning

5. Any warranty coverage if I purchase a used piano from MyPianoMalaysia?

Yes. All of our used piano (upright and grand) comes with 5 years warranty by MyPianoMalaysia.

It covers repairs of the interior parts, fixing technical issues such as sticky keys, replacement,etc.

Also, please take note that there are few options that are not included in our warranty.

  • Piano was infested by insects,termites,and etc.
  • Piano was damaged due to water.
  • Exterior surface damaged (scratched,chipped,or damaged due to both nature or human act)
  • Periodic Piano Services such as piano repair,tuning,transport and so on.

6. I am new to piano. Can I have any assistant to help out?

YES! You can contact with us at +60132083118 to answer all of your questions.