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Learn to play the piano, no matter your ability or age, all beginners are welcome as long as you want to learn. Here in Sunwave Music, you will very soon find yourself not a beginner anymore. Your music journey on the keyboard has just begun. You will be absolutely welcomed, supported and you will be amazed at the progress you will make in a very short period of time.

Effort and commitment are all we are asking you. However, inspiration plays a major role too. You may find the inspiration within yourself and it will be an added bonus. But at times you will need an external source, for example, someone or a situation that will inspire you. That someone or something will be in the form of the music teachers you find in Sunwave Music, Our teachers are all committed and they are inspirational.

Yes, play the piano now. We have lessons for children. Piano lessons for beginners and advance for all ages, gender and different abilities.

Just Imagine, these easy steps to follow and be able to play the piano.

piano lesson malaysia

Types Of Piano Lessons Available

home piano lesson

Home Piano Lesson

We understand that your time is valuable to you which is why we want to help you to fit piano lessons into your schedule.

After months of hard work, we are excited to offer home piano lessons in Malaysia – within Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Since our piano teachers come to your home, you don’t have to waste time traveling or deal with with traffic jam to learn to play the piano anymore!

Ready to learn piano at the comfort of your home? Click the button to get started!

piano lesson adult

Adult Piano Lesson

Are you an adult who want to learn to play the piano? Here’s your opportunity to do so. In Sunwave Music, you’ll get the best piano lesson for adults in Malaysia. All of our piano teachers are professional and are able to guide step-by-step to excel to play the piano.

Most people think that it is hard to learn piano as an adult. The truth is that it is never too late to learn to play the piano. It can help you to relieve stress from your hectic and stressful working lifestyle.

piano lesson kids

Piano Lessons For Kids

Your kids can benefit from learning to play the piano. It has been proven that kids can have a higher IQ just by learning to play the piano.

Therefore, it is important for the kids to enjoy piano learning without losing interest over time. The wrong teaching technique can make children find it difficult to learn to play the piano and lost interest over time.

Having the right piano teacher is essential to make sure the kid are always having fun in piano learning.

In SUnwave Music, we can help you to find the right piano teachers for your kid. Contact us now to get started!

Why Learn Piano From Sunwave Music?

Our Lessons Are Easy To Follow

Here you will be able to learn more notes, styles, rhythm, theory, and improvisation. Here you will also learn how to vary the sounds on the guitar and various percussive techniques where most teachers in other centres don’t teach.

You will be guaranteed to progress weekly and will soon be able to play masterpieces through improvising and composing or rearranging before you know it. You will learn how to make up interesting tunes, read music notes, play the chords and play by ear. You will also understand the different genres and be familiar with the fundamental music theories and knowledge.

Our Step By Step Learning

Sunwave music delivers a relaxed, professional & intuitive learning experience, unlike other piano schools. You will learn to play with confidence. Our teachers will encourage and will teach with enthusiasm by following our structured program tailored to individual needs and goals, you are sure to progress by the weeks.

Our goal is to help aspiring piano students to explore their musical interests by providing very affordable lesson fees and even payment options. We are here to make sure you achieve your musical dreams and aspiration.

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     Areas Of Piano Learning in Sunwave Music Makes It Easy And Fun

    We help students to acquire a life-long skill and passion for music with the ultimate aim to be a modern musician. Our well-trained music teachers will strengthen your creativity, determination to become exceptional students with our well-designed music education syllabus. We will help to bring out the best in you and make sure you make your mark in your musical career. We have home piano lessons in Malaysia to cater to your needs and learning speed. We have many programs to cater to all levels of skills and needs.

    We have performance ensembles and holiday programs for children and teens. Let us polish your gift in music and you will have an interesting future in music. Our track record of success is your witness.

    • Adults and children of all levels are taught in a warm, positive and nurturing environment
    • A personalized curriculum is built to meet each student’s requirements. The student will feel comfortable and relaxed to follow the customized lessons
    • To achieve a real sense of accomplishment, students learn to read music score and also to play by ear
    • Technology is used creatively and innovatively to help in the learning process (digital pianos, iPad, backing music tracks, recording, and playback & many more)
    • By flexible and creative teaching, students will not only acquire musical knowledge but also able to express themselves uniquely through music.
    • Sunwave Music piano lessons stress-free, creative and fun
    • Songs and repertoire of any musical style will bring happiness from the moment you start your lesson at Sunwave Music.
    • At Sunwave Music Studio students are encouraged to explore, create and explore their own expression in music in the instrument of their choice.
    • At Sunwave Music Centre we create a supportive environment which is positive with criticism and feedbacks to encourage music learning
    • Learn the correct piano technique is taught. How to read music score, music theory, learning to play by ear plus aural & rhythmic skills
    • Emphasis is stress on improvisation to help develop creativity and exploratory approach to music
    • Proper piano technique is the basis of our music lessons, so is the importance of music theory to help to create a fully confident and versatile pianist
    • Students will learn to focus and have dedication which is an essential part of making music
    • Sunwave Music Center specialized in teaching all genres of music, classical repertoire, jazz, and contemporary music
    • Teachers at Sunwave Music Centre cares about your progress and is truly committed to making sure you can reach your potential in music.
    • We teach the artistic piano technique to students of all ages and backgrounds
    • Piano lessons at Sunwave Music Centre are fun and comfortable as we follow a program designed especially for you
    • Here you will be challenged but you will still find it fun to learn
    • All our lessons are custom designed just for you, including the scales, music theory homework and songs to practice for the week
    • We aim to build better people and communities through music
    • Our teachers comprised of talented musicians specially selected for their commitment and dedication to helping students realized their full potential 
    • You will be able to read music notes like you are reading a newspaper with the dedication and guidance of our talented teacher
    • Our lessons include performing, reading, theory, technique and also memorization to create a full-fledged music student
    • We are committed to giving every student a customized musical lesson that will nurture and challenge them musically
    • We teach classical, jazz and other popular piano playing styles depending on the interest of the students
    • Our registration for music lessons is open all the time. There is no waiting time to begin your music lessons
    • Piano lessons are worked around each student and we make sure they have a good mix of theory, performance, song-writing, and ensemble
    • Music improvisation on jazz theory and jazz guitar is also not left out
    • Be knowledgeable about how we teach you and your child to play the piano
    • We guide you on how to be creative and how you can practice effectively
    • We also guide you on contemporary methods in a conducive, relax and fun environment 
    • Each and every student is unique in their musical interest and we will encourage and nurture their talents
    • Our teachers are qualified to guide you to advance your skill and achieve your musical goals
    • To accelerate the students progress we give encouragement and well-conceived teaching methods to help our students stay inspired and focus
    • Our well-trained and experienced teachers will select a range of musical materials and methods that will keep your child fully happy and inspired to learn music in a conducive environment
    • Learning the more advanced technique to analyze tune and musical styles and to transpose and alter melodies through the study of song melodies, chords and rhythm will enable your child to write their own arrangements and create their own tunes
    • Here at Sunwave Music, you will be receiving the most up to date musical training in modern music
    • Teaching music is our passion
    • We make it a tradition where students will perform songs at the end of the class or at the end of each session for friends, parents and also family
    • We are passionate and dedicated to sharing our music with our students, audience and also to the community
    • Here friends and family members will be able to give their support and see the progress and also to truly enjoy music
    • We will guide you on how to practice and increase your efficiency to a hundredfold
    • You will learn how to read music and identifying the notes on the piano and learn about the musical terminology to fully understand the basics of piano music

    FAQs about Piano Lessons in Malaysia

    Where is Sunwave Music based?

    Sunwave Music is based in the Klang Valley. If the distance is too far for you, we can arrange with our mobile teaching units to bring the teacher to your doorstep. Nothing is too difficult for us. If you want to learn to play a piano, we will bring it to you. You will definitely find the piano teacher here at Sunwave Music.

    We offer home piano lessons in Malaysia which means we can arrange a teacher to come to your home or you can even learn in the teacher’s home if that is the more convenient option. We are sure to find a qualified piano teacher that lives near to you. We are very flexible when it comes to the place of learning. Just contact us so we can arrange it for you. 

    Are Young Children Welcomed?

    We teach children from as young as five years old to teenagers. It’s never too early or too late to learn to play a musical instrument or to learn to sing. Young children can learn if not faster than adults do as they are more committed and have the time to practice. In fact, it’s better to start them young and good habits get ingrained early. We have often seen children progress faster when playing an instrument.

    Are you sure complete beginners can learn?

    Don’t worry, in fact, we can teach you to play a piano even if you are a beginner. In fact, we do refer to teach students who are complete beginners. This is because they have not accumulated any bad habits. So our piano teachers can mold them properly and quickly without spending time to break their bad habits. With each little progress, a novice will be motivated to learn more and this is where we can see progress.

    We will structure each lesson according to the level, need, and commitment of each student. We will choose songs that they enjoy and with that, they will be motivated to learn and we can see progress by leaps and bounds. They will feel comfortable and their skill and confidence will increase together.

    What song will I be taught? What music will I learn to play?

    You are given the liberty to choose the songs you want to learn. Your teacher will also guide you on the type of music and song that best suits you. You will definitely learn music the fun way and the most interesting way if you sign up with us.

    Piano Lesson Malaysia - Piano Class KL,PJ,Klang Valley

    We have a team of 50 professional piano teachers throughout Malaysia including Kuala Lumpur (KL), PJ & Klang Valley. Contact us today.

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