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We understand that purchasing a brand new or secondhand piano can be a huge commitment. That’s why we would like to introduce new Rent-To-Own Program so you can own a piano with no commitment.

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Own a Second Hand Piano with Rent-To-Own Program.

If you are looking to own a used piano but not ready to buy yet, then our Rent-To-Own Program is suitable for you.

You can rent our piano first and decide later if you want to buy a piano. We’ll be able to offer a special price to own the piano. This means you can own a piano without commitment.

If you are interested, feel free to contact our team via phone call or WhatsApp.

Used Piano Malaysia

The #1 Platform For Used Piano Selection At An Affordable Price, With Trustworthy Professional Piano Services in Malaysia.

We can offer you the best brands of used piano which includes Kawai and Yamaha with an affordable price. All of our used pianos are from Japan and are professional restored and refurbished by professionals. Our piano comes with a 5 year warranty. Also, we will follow through with piano mover and tuning services.

Want to own a piano but not ready to make a commitment yet? Try out our Rent-To-Own Program. You can rent a piano from us first then decide if you want to own a piano from us later.

Send us a WhatsApp message and our team will consult you which piano is best for you!

Types Of Used Piano Brands & Models Available For Sale

Since 1979,we have been offering the widest selection of high quality used piano for sale in Malaysia. With over 200 different models available, we are confident that you will find the piano you are searching for!

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We Are Committed To Deliver Used Piano At An Affordable Price, with Trustworthy Professional Piano Services To All Our Customers.

Get Affordable Used Piano Price With The Largest Selection in Malaysia

We have a huge selection of second hand pianos that you can choose from at an affordable price. Now you can save huge between 50% to 75% of your investment on a brand new piano, regardless if you are buying an upright or a grand piano.

Pianos Are Imported & Restored From Japan

All used pianos are imported and fully restored from Japan. All of our second hand pianos are inspected, restored, tuned in Japan before we import them to Malaysia to make sure you are getting the best quality musical instrument.

Huge Variety Of Piano Available You Can Choose From

We can help you get the Used Piano you want as we have been in the industry for more than 30 years. Just Let us know what is your ideal piano and your budget and we’ll let you know which piano is suitable for you. You can discover our pianos here – Kawai and Yamaha.

Peace of Mind, Shop with Confidence

Each purchase unit comes with 5 years’ warranty, both parts and labour, with extensive nationwide after-sales support. Feel free to contact us if you need help.

Buy From A Reliable & Trustworthy Piano Supplier

We have served thousands of satisfied customers throughout our 30 years of experience in the piano industry.

Need Help? Contact Our Piano Specialist Today!

019-335 2393 (Mr.Lim)

There are many brands and models you can choose from.  It can be overwhelming on choosing your ideal piano.

If you are not ready to buy a piano yet, Rent-To-Own a Piano Program is for you.

Feel free to fill up the form below or call/WhatsApp us at 019-3352393 (Mr.Lim).

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    Other Piano Services We Provide Throughout Malaysia

    In MyPianoMalaysia, we not only offer second hand piano, we also offer piano services throughout Malaysia at an affordable price. With over 30 years of experience, we have a huge network of piano service providers. All you need to do is let us know what service you are looking for and let us handle the rest!

    piano mover malaysia

    Piano Mover Malaysia

    Looking for piano movers to transport your musical instrument? We have a team of professional piano mover throughout Malaysia.

    Just let us know where you want to move your piano and let us do the rest.

    piano tuning malaysia

    Piano Tuning Malaysia

    If you are looking for professional Piano Tuner in Malaysia, then you have come to the right place.

    Let us help you to find the right piano tuner for you.

    piano rental malaysia

    Piano Rental Malaysia

    If you are looking to rent a piano in Malaysia, we have a list of high-quality piano that you can rent at an affordable price. Contact us today and our service team will assist you!

    piano restoration malaysia

    Piano Restoration Malaysia 

    If you need help to restore or repair your piano, contact us today to get a free quote today for piano restoration service near your location.


    Piano Repair Malaysia 

    If you are looking for piano repair in Malaysia. We can help you to get your piano repaired. Feel free to contact us today!

    piano lesson malaysia

    Piano Lesson Malaysia

    We have a network of piano teachers throughout Malaysia. With this, we can offer home piano lessons at an affordable price. You don’t have to deal with traffic jam anymore as our piano teacher will come to your home


    Frequently Asked Questions About Used Piano in Malaysia

    1.What pianos do you offer?

    We have been offering a wide range of used piano brands such as Yamaha and Kawai since 1977 With 200 piano models, we are confident that you’ll search for your ideal piano. Need help? Feel free to contact our piano specialist Mr.Lim 019-335 2393.

    2. I’m not ready to buy a second hand piano but would like to own one.

    We know that it can be a huge investment to buy a second hand piano. If you are not ready to invest on a piano yet, we’ll recommend you to try out our Rent-To-Own a Program. This means that you can rent a piano first and commit later.

    2.Do you have any special bonuses when I buy a used piano?

    Yes. When you purchased a used piano, you will get the following bonuses:
    1. 2 Times Piano Tuning (done within 2 weeks after the delivery)
    2. New Piano Accessories worth over MYR500
    – upholstery bench with compartment x 1pc
    – piano heater x 1pc
    – caster cups x 1set
    – keys cover x 1pc
    3. Piano Delivery within Peninsula Malaysia; to ground floor or condo with service lift *
    4. 5 Years Warranty Period covering both parts and labor *
    3. I am new to piano. How can I get assistance to select a piano?
    Yes, we’ll help you to select a piano that is ideal for your requirements. You can WhatsApp or Call us at: 019-335 2393.
    4. I can’t afford a piano right now. Is there any alternative?
    Yes. We offer Rent-To-Own Program which means you can rent a piano from us and decide whether you want to purchase the piano in the future.
    For more information about Rent-To-Own Program, you can contact our team (Mr.Lim 019-335 2393)
    5. How much is the cost to purchase a used piano?
    This depends on the model and brand of the used piano you are looking for. It can range from RM3,000 to RM15,000.