Yamaha U1E Upright Piano

The U1E is an acoustic upright Yamaha model. Just like all other models in the U1 series, it has been manufactured in Japan and not in other Yamaha branches found in various other countries. This specific piano is recommended by most piano teachers and is great for starters. The features this piano contains are worth the purchase. It has been well preserved to ensure its functionality. In addition, various quality control measures have been taken to ensure that it passes the test of time. The test and maintenance are also done after a purchase has been made so you do not have to worry about your piano getting restored or tuned.

Brand: Yamaha, Model: U1E, Type: Upright
Origin: Japan imported
Condition: Used, Fully restored, 100% Functional
Dimension: 121(H) x 150(W) x 61(D) cm
Weight: approximately 218kg
Keys: 88, Pedals: 3
Finishing: Ebony (Black), Polished

Purchasing this piano also has its own advantages. There are numerous free offers that are given which fully make you save on added cost like hiring professionals for tuning or purchasing new accessories.  The package is inclusive of a:

  • Free 5-year warranty that covers both parts and labor
  • A free piano delivery if the purchase is made within the Peninsula Malaysia and is set to be delivered within the same region either to ground floor.
  • Free x2 tuning that is done within 2 weeks after a delivery has been made.
  • Free new and quality piano accessories that are worth over $119 which include:
    • 1 piece of upholstery bench with a compartment
    • 1 piece of piano heater
    • 1 set of caster cups
    • 1 piece of key covers.

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