Make Your Piano Room The Best In Your Home ( 4 Actionable Changes)

Make Your Piano Room The Best In Your Home

The joy of listening to live piano music is still alive in this world of tight schedules and digital recording. Now you can have your piano professionally transport to your home without hustle. The initial step is to partner with us, a piano moving company in Malaysia with an excellent track record.

When the piano reaches your house, the next move will be to find the best room or place for your piano. This can often be quite a difficult decision to make. You have to treat the piano with respect it deserves. You have to also incorporate it into your lifestyle requirement. Here we have suggestions for you to create the ultimate piano room that suits your pride and become the main focal point of your lifestyle.

Make Your Piano Room The Best In Your Home

1) The Use Of Available Space

Many homeowners do not have an extra room just for the piano. You can use any suitable room and if you use some creativity in your placement, you could still use the room for other purposes.

The place you choose will also depend on the type of piano either upright or grand piano. In the case of the upright piano, it can be placed near the wall, near doorways and in areas that do not take too much space. You can have the piano moved by our professional team. We can have it delivered right up to your door and help you place the piano in a suitable area in your house.

2) Room To Suit Your Piano Style

The room that you choose will depend on the type of piano you own. An upright piano will fit a smaller room and a large room is suitable for grand piano. Putting an upright piano in a large room will not make it stand out and placing a grand piano in a small room does not do it justice.

You may also consider the number of people you will be hosting or you will be holding small recitals or entertaining friends and neighbors.

3) Choosing the Best Location

Aside from aesthetic, we have to consider the placement properly to make sure that your piano will stay in good shape for many years. We have to find a space that has consistent temperature and humidity. The internal workings of a piano are very delicate and sensitive to the slightest climate change.

As an example a piano placed in the basement or secluded area even though safe from physical disturbance but with high humidity level. In due time rust, dampness and mold will destroy the piano. The delicate action will expand due to moisture and we will have poor action response.

4) How to Decorate The Area Around The Piano

You may want to decorate or place decoration around or on the piano itself. The best advice is not to place any decorations on top of it. Placing a vase with water and live flowers is a big no-no. Any water spill will damage the workings of the piano. The placement of decorations or covering on the piano may alter the sound.

It is of best interest to keep the area on and around the piano free of clutters. Glassware may vibrate in resonance to the piano notes and thus destroying the quality of the sound. You may place curtains, artwork and other decorations that complement your music room. Try to avoid hard furniture and it may create echo and reduce the quality of sound.

In conclusion

These are all the 4 changes to make your piano room the best in your home. If you hire our piano mover services, our team will also advise you on the best spot to place your piano after your piano is transported. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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