How To Practice Piano – Tips For Beginners

How To Practice Piano

Going for the piano lesson in Malaysia is important in your music education but it does not guarantee that you make good progress. Lessons are for you to be guided and are structured for your music foundation. In order to progress and excel in your piano playing, you need to practice those pieces over and over again till you can play it well with understanding.

To achieve your dream of becoming a proficient pianist, you have to be disciplined and delicate at least 20 minutes a day to private practice if you are a beginner. As you advance the practice time will also increase. Your progress in piano playing increase with the amount of time you spend on practice.

How To Practice Piano

You Have To Get Yourself Into A Piano Routine

If you are an adult, you will be hard press to find time to practice daily as we have other commitments and a busy schedule to attend to. The best way to work around this problem and to ensure that you practice every day is to set a time each day. The time should be the time you are unlikely to be disturbed or distracted. A good time to consider is first thing in the morning. Practicing in the evening will provide too many distractions and excuses not to practice. You may be tired after a long day at work or an invitation to dinner. You will never be short of excuses not to practice your piano.

Learning a new language is similar to learning how to play the piano. You have to practice it daily to have progress. The practice must be done daily, you cannot go skipping a few days and try to make up during the weekend but it does not work out this way. The practice must be done daily without fail if you want to see progress. There is no shortcut to progress.

Having to play the piano every day may be a new habit that you must work on to include in your daily life so that you don’t feel that it is a burden. You can start by practicing for 5 to 10 minutes at first and slowly build up to 20 minutes. Once the habit is set you will find it easy to practice 20 minutes daily. If you don’t have a piano yet and don’t want to spend a fortune to buy a brand new piano, you can always get yourself an affordable used piano in Malaysia. If you purchase a piano from Sunwave Music, you’ll get a free piano mover service in Malaysia to transport your musical instrument to your home. Furthermore, you will also get a piano tuning service for free to ensure that your piano sounds perfect.

Follow The Structure Set By Your Piano Tutor

You will be confused about how to use your time efficiently during your practice on your piano as you are a beginner. You should ask your tutor to explain to you and if possible have your tutor set a structure for you. Much time can be saved and you will be able to use your time efficiently.

When your tutor has given you on how to practice, you must really follow her advice and not to do it differently. Your tutor is a professional pianist and has gone through different techniques and know the pros and cons of each technique. We are sure she will have your best interest in mind. 

Just bear in mind to practice the other disciplines of piano mastery. Don’t just practice your piano pieces and neglect the technical exercises and sight-reading. It is very important you divide your time equally to make even progress and be a better pianist.

Stay Focused On Practicing Playing The Piano

Stay focused while practicing is also an important part of being structured in your learning. To stay focussed you must make sure you are not distracted or disturbed by anybody when practicing. For a start place the piano in a quiet room than have it in the living room where there are many distractions.

By staying focused you will also save a lot of time and be able to make much more progress. Thinking about something else while practicing is not the way and will not work for anybody.

Building A Solid Foundation Of Piano Playing

Learning how to read music is the first and important task for a piano beginner. You have to keep up with it and make it your priority until you can read the music notes fluently. Take your time and learn to read music notes fluently before doing other tasks. When you are able to read notes fluently you will be able to interpret new songs or scores easily. You can progress at speed. 

When you are learning a new song, repetition is the route to your success. For a beginner, you will be playing simple pieces that can be committed to memory. It is wonderful to be able to play by heart but in the future, you may find it an obstacle to your progress. Reading notes as your play is very important as more advanced pieces cannot be committed to memory.

To be an accomplished pianist you need to build a solid foundation, It is a good idea to spend as much time as you can reading music notes even when you are away from your piano.

Be Patient And Not To Hurry

Most adults are usually impatient when they come to learn a new skill. They tend to feel that they have missed out a lot and want to catch up as soon as possible. So they tend to run before they can even walk.

If you do not wish to be a statistic to the thousands of adult beginners who gave up only after a few months because they feel that they cannot progress or that progress is too slow for them. They dream of playing their favorite Chopin’s Nocturne by the next month. You must stay positive and patient and follow the course set by your tutor and not skip any.

To become a proficient pianist takes time and patience, even though you may feel frustrated at the time of the slow progress. Playing the piano should be an art and a lifestyle, not to be rushed. There is no time limit in learning to play the piano. The greatest pianist is always learning something new during their whole lifetime.

You must take piano learning as a pleasurable hobby and not measure it against the time you spend on it. Many adult beginners will say learning to play the piano is more difficult then they think. Actually playing the piano well is not easy even for younger learners. You have to take your time and not rush to accomplish your mission to be a piano player.

Ups & Downs Of Learning To Play The Piano

As in all matters in life, you will have your fair share of ups and downs. In your journey to be an accomplished piano player, you will be discouraged at times. Think of the positive and persevere. You may find some days very conducive to learning and some days notes just don’t play as they should. Keep practicing and one day you can achieve your dreams.

Do not be discouraged as it is part of the learning process, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. It is important you stay positive and not to give up. Practice should be done when you are calm and receptive to learning. If you are frustrated, stop and practice when you are calmer. Practicing when you are not into it will bring more bad than good.

Stop practicing, stand up, have a glass of water when you feel frustrated and could not play the piece properly. Continue when you have calmed down. By doing so you will find it easier to overcome the difficulties that you find in the piece.


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