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Yamaha Upright Piano

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Yamaha Grand Piano


Yamaha are known to produce one of the best quality pianos in the world. It has stood as one of the world’s most reputable piano manufacturers till this day.

If you ask any pianists, the majority will say that Yamaha is their choice of pianos. The main reason is that it offers a huge variety of pianos. You can find Yamaha pianos vary from upright to grand pianos with comes with different prices. Regardless if you are a beginner or professional pianists, there are certainly a piano that it suitable for your needs.

Yamaha is famous for its quality and tone. The sound that comes from these musical instruments are simply amazing as the company’s commitment to excellent sound features in every of their pianos

You can select from the huge collection of used pianos from our website. All of these pianos produce great sound and tone. If you are new to playing a piano, it is a great choice to start with a second hand Yamaha piano.

Getting a new Yamaha pianos can be a huge investment. If you would like an alternative, buying a Used Yamaha pianos would be an affordable option.
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Yamaha Pianos Models

Yamaha manufactures several lines of upright pianos. MyPianoMalaysia proudly offers our customers the Yamaha U Series,U1 series,U2 series, U3 series, UX series, YUX, Grand Piano C Series, Grand Piano G Series.

Below are Yamaha second hand models that our company import and supply.

All of the second hand pianos are professionally chosen and restored professionally from Japan. Once they are restored to their best condition, we import and distribute them throughout Malaysia.

All Yamaha piano price are determine by a few factors such as the model,year of production,restoration and overall quality of the piano.

Why Choose MyPianoMalaysia?

All of our Yamaha pianos are professionally picked and restored from Japan before we import them to Malaysia. This means that your piano that you owned will look and sound as if you purchase a brand new piano! You can’t even tell if it is a second hand or brand new piano!

We have been in the this industry since 1979. With our experience, we can advise you on which piano is suitable for you. We also have a good relationship with piano manufacturers and distributors from overseas. This means we are able to offer you high quality pianos at unbeatable price!

You will receive some irresistible bonuses when you buy a piano from us.

We want to make sure you have everything you need to enjoy playing the piano.

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