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MyPianoMalaysia offers professional piano tuning services in Malaysia. As you already know, it is important to get your piano tuned all the time to show its full potential. The sound will be rich and soulful. For anyone who plays often and also for those taking piano lessons, a piano must be tuned and regulated at least once every six months.

Having a poorly tuned and even worse an out-of-tune piano can affect the way you enjoy music and a piano student may even lose interest in music as there will be no enjoyment in playing it.

Some may argue that they do not use the piano very often and thus do not need to tune it according to schedule. They cannot be more wrong. A piano will lost its pitch and tune even when not played. By letting a piano go way out of tune will make it harder to bring it back in tune again. The piano will need a few cycles of tuning before it stays in pitch thus costing more than if you tune it regularly.

Have it tune regularly by a professional piano tuner and follow the recommended schedule to keep you piano in top shape.

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The Benefits of Regular Piano Tuning

Most of the time, people get their piano tuned when they realize that the sound of their piano deteriorated.

As mentioned earlier, there are benefits to get your piano tuned on a regular basis. Whether you own a Kawai Piano or any other piano model, you’ll find a number of benefits from using our piano tuning service.

1. The Sound Of The Piano

The main reason we offer Piano Tuning services in Malaysia is to prevent sound deterioration. Pianos are made from wood and metal. This means that the material can be affected by many environmental factors like heat and dry air in the house.

This causes the piano to go out of tune quickly. However, getting your piano tuned by a professional tuner can ensure that your piano does not go out of tune.

2. Other Problems

By getting an experienced piano tuner to check your piano, you’ll get direct feedback of any potential problems with a Yamaha piano or any other models.

This allows you to prevent more problems in the near future which costs you more money.

3. Longer Piano Lifespan

Getting your piano tuned on a regular basis will increase the lifespan of your piano.

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    FAQs about Piano Tuning Service

    The one thing that you need to remember when owning a piano is to get it professionally tuned. However, most beginners and intermediate players often forget this one rule. As a result, their piano would greatly be out of tune and pitch when they play.

    Tuning your piano will not only maintain your piano’s condition but also preserve its sound and voicing quality that your piano makes when you press the keys. There are a lot of questions frequently asked by various piano owners pertaining to your piano’s tuning. Hence, below are some of the most popular FAQs about piano tuning service.

    1. How frequently should I tune my piano?

    In order to maintain and preserve your piano to its top condition, you should at least tune your piano once a year at a minimum. However, it is advisable that you tune your new piano four times in the first year and two times a year for the subsequent year.

    2. Do I need to tune my piano even though I rarely play on it?

    Even if you rarely play on your piano, it will likely to be affected by the changes in humidity than the amount of infrequent use of your piano. Hence, because of the changes in humidity and temperature, you need to tune your piano even if you rarely play on it.

    3. Is tuning a piano expensive?

    The average price of tuning a piano can go from RM120 and above depending on the piano store itself. If you’re lucky, you might get a cheaper piano tuning price from these stores. However, beware of some prices that might be too good to be true to avoid further damage to your piano.

    4. Can I tune my piano myself?

    If you are a professional piano tuner, then yes. However, if you are just a regular pianist and doesn’t know much about the internal mechanics of a piano, then you should consider paying an expert piano tuner so that you could prevent your piano from any harm.

    5. Will I damage my piano if I don’t keep its tune in check?

    When your piano is out of tune, the strings tension decreases and the piano will produce sound based on the lower tension. If you fail to tune your piano for more than a year, it will eventually require more tuning to actually arrive at stability. A piano that has been well taken care of in terms of frequent tuning schedule, it will likely to hold its tuning better than an untuned piano.