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Kawai Piano List in Malaysia

Kawai pianos is known for its extensive acoustic piano lineup. Kawai offers Kawai K-series, the GM, GE,RX and the GX grand piano series. The Shigeru Kawai line offers semi-autonomous grand pianos. The Kawai’s uprights and grand pianos can be considered the industry standard and the best value for money for pianos. In almost any magazine review, Kawai pianos has been a top choice and highly rated. You can never go wrong with a Kawai piano.

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    Kawai pianos have been one of the most popular and trusted piano manufacturers in the world since 1927. They have a great reputation as leaders, innovators and musical proponent. This is done while keeping it in the family with unwavering trust in their core values. Kawai has been the second largest piano maker and has been in the world top 3 producer in volume. They are famous for their  quality upright and grand pianos. Many universities, colleges and music academies not only in Japan but around the world depend on the Kawai piano for the best consistent and reliable practice tools. At the moment there are millions of people from around the world have started their musical journey playing the Kawai pianos. Millions more will be following this path as well.

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    History Of The Kawai Pianos

    Kawai first began making pianos in 1927 after establishing a company. The company founder and first president Kioch Kawai had been building pianos way before establishing a company.

    At first he had a collaboration with Yamaha to help in their design and engineering to produce their first piano and to start their piano division. Yamaha has been the driving force in Kawai company before it became a public company.

    Following the company going public, the share holders decided that Kawai should strike out on its own and to produce better pianos than Yamaha. This rivalry has been known ever since. Yamaha and Kawai competing to become the leading exported of quality Japanese pianos from the 1960’s till today. Now they are both huge exporters of quality Japanese pianos.

    Today as they celebrate their 92 birthday, Kawai has become the most financially stable music companies in the modern world. They have concentrated in maintaining producing quality pianos as their main concern.

    Kawai Pianos Unique Specification & Features

    The Sound Of The Piano

    For the courvoisier he can tell the sound of the Kawai piano by just listening to it. It does not sound Asian and with a warm deep sound together with a subtle attack and lots of overtones makes it distinctively Kawai. It does not sound “American” either but more towards the sound of a Steinway or a Mason & Hamlin. By the sound you can never tell of its Asian origin. For this very reason Steinway has chosen Kawai to manufacture its Boston pianos. Here are several reasons for the warm and distinct Kawai sound.

    • Having a lower density felt for their hammers
    • Use of slightly thinner, dryer and definitely older spruce for the soundboard
    • Detail in the geometry of the action to give better range and finesse in the lower octave
    • Having a lower tension scale as oppose the the scales used in Samick/ Young Chang or even Yamaha

    Key Features Of  Kawai Pianos

    Kawai is always known for their innovation in action design, grand piano rim design and the unique over-strung scale design which helps it to stand out among the best.

    Of all these innovations, the action design is the most outstanding feature and has made Kawai stand out from its competitors way back in the 1970’s and the 1980’s. It was this action design that has set it apart from Yamaha pianos. Kawai believe in R&D and has maintained the largest R&D divisions compared to other musical instrument manufacturer in the world. The main manufacturing plant facility in Ryuyo Japan is the only ‘green musical instrument factories in the world with ISO14001 certification. Kawai’s tagline “The Future Of The Piano” should not be taken lightly.

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    The Millennium Action of Kawai Pianos

    Wood which is used to make the action at best is just a compromise. As it is used since the piano was first invented, people used to think it is the most suitable material for it. In fact wood is used because it is economical, easy to manufacture and handle. It is light, strong, cheap and easy to mill, carved and put together easily makes it the material of choice. The downside is that wood when subjected to temperature and humidity, will expand or contract and this plays havoc to the regulation and the mechanical action of the pianos. The touch and action will not be constant and will vary with season.

    Many manufacturers tried to solve this problem by using synthetic materials. Steinway tried to use Teflon for its bushings but did not forsee the problem it brought. The Teflon bushing loosened and cause lots of clicks and noises when the piano was played. It was a failed attempt. It was put into commercial use which insufficient field testing. In the meantime Kawai was doing their research in developing a composite action. But the problem brought on by Steinway in implementing a new material got the music industry wary of any new innovations.

    So when Kawai introduced their first ABS composite action the music industry was wary and did not truly accepted in for the next 20 years. Kawai spent a lot of money and time to improve on it and to show its merits in their innovation. In the late 1990’s the music community started to accept it and by 2000’s positive reviews were published. Slowing the music industry started to warm up and accept the controversial action of composite materials.

    The last two versions of its composite action series was accepted and received with enthusiasm by piano players all over the world. We have the Millennium III Action and the Ninja M3 action, both with the latest technology and innovation. Most of the parts are replaced by composite materials except the shank and hammer. After testing Kawai reported that these two actions are more responsive, quicker and much easier to maintain and upkeep than wooden actons. This is because composite/carbon fibre parts does not react to changes of temperature and humidity. Here are the advantages of composite piano actions.

    • The response of the action is not affected by the temperature and humidity
    • Since the composite material is stronger and lighter in weight, the keys are more responsive and repetition of notes is faster as the action reset faster
    • The action when compared to the traditional action can be regulated to a better tolerance as we need not leave any allowance for the wood to contract or expand. In short the regulation can be much better.
    • There will be less wear and tear as the composite material is less prone to wear. Damage from moth can also be avoided

    After decades of research and field use, it has been proven that composite action is known for its durability and endurance.

    The Scale Design And Its Construction Of Kawai Pianos

    Kawai offers a wide range of features and quality throughout it range of pianos. Customers can have a choice to suit their budget and competence. Other competitors may not have such a comprehensive standard in their range of pianos. Here at Kawai you know you are getting the best value for your money.

    • Nearly all models upright or grand  use maple-capped bridges to give you the best sound transfer from string to soundboard
    • All bridges are vertically laminated in top of the range upright and grand pianos
    • (K15-GX7) only aged and super grade sitka spruce is used
    • All models sports a maple framework for stablity
    • All bass strings are of pure copper for super warm bass sound
    • Very tight tolerance >0.005” for locator pin construction
    • Nickel plated Tuning pins for all models for rust free years
    • Transferable 5 Years FULL Warranty for peace of mind
    • The fastest repetition speed in all models thanks to  the composite action by Kawai