5 Signs The Piano Mover Company is Illegal

Signs The Piano Mover Company Is Illegal

Most Malaysians will consider hiring a professional piano mover in Malaysia when they want to move or relocate to another area.

Hiring a piano mover company can help you relieve stress, headache and tension to get the move done smoothly and efficiently. They normally will offer packaging and unpacking services to their package. Most companies are experienced and know what they are doing. But there are always some black sheep in any outfit. You have to do some research so as not to hire any unreliable and untrustworthy piano mover company.

Today they are much bogus or inexperienced company trying to pounce on your ignorance every single day. Here we will help you weed out these bogus moving company and find the right one for you.

Signs The Piano Mover Company Is Illegal

Ways To Spot A Bogus Piano Mover Company

How to choose a legitimate piano mover company to help your move. Keep these 5 tips in mind and you can rest assured the process will go as planned and you will not get short-changed.

1.The Price of The Mover

If the price is too good to be true, it probably is.

When comparing prices between piano mover companies and one seems to have a much lower price than the rest, should raise a red flag. The most common practice is to advertise a very low hourly rate, to get potential victims to respond to their advertisement.  

They will add up additional charges and demand extra once the move is over thus making the whole transaction messy.

2. The Piano Company

Licensed moving is normally registered in SSM(Companies Commission Of Malaysia) if they want to operate. You can search them up on the official SSM website.

If you cannot find any information about the company anywhere, they probably ghost company and are not licensed and qualified to do any moving business.

3.The Insurance

One of the most important criteria when hiring a professional piano mover is to be sure they are insured.

This means that you are protected should damage or breakage to your valuable and piano during the move. Peace of mind is the best during this stressful time.

The majority of professional piano moving companies are insured. So if there is any damage, the company will compensate you accordingly.

4)The Location

Does the moving company has a company address. Any legitimate company will have an official address either on their website or on Google Maps. A physical building as their base and where they store the piano and the moving trucks. An unlicensed moving company will not have any need to have a physical location.

5)The Contract

Does the piano moving company provide you with a detailed contract? Sketchy contracts can be a problem in the time of the dispute. They may charge you a cheap hourly rate but there is sometimes expensive hidden cost to contend with. A sketchy contract will work in their favor.

You should insist on a formal contract and look through it carefully and read all the fine prints.

With the contract properly laid out, we would not be caught in any disadvantage position and do not have any miscommunication problems during the move.

Finally, You Must Protect Yourself And Your Belongings During The Move

You want to be sure that you are in good hands when you trust your piano to the mover. No matter how careful you are when choosing your piano mover you still can sometimes fall into a scam. You can never be more careful. We hope these 5 tips listed here will help you avoid any scam and not lose your precious piano in the process.

Feel free to contact us to get a free piano moving quotation. At MyPianoMalaysia, all of our movers are well-trained with the right tools and accessories to ensure your piano is transported to your desired location.

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