Benefits Of Buying a Used Piano

Getting a new piano in Malaysia is getting more expensive. However, the most frequent dilemma faced by almost every piano seeker and the buyer is whether they should get a used piano instead of a new one. Most people believe that buying a used piano in Malaysia has the same value as buying a new piano. This is not true as a used piano offers a lot of advantages as opposed to buying a new one. There are a lot of benefits to buying a used piano that only very few people know about it. Hence, here we listed 5 benefits of purchasing a used piano.


A Lot More Cheaper Than Buying A New Piano

When you’re looking to buy something in the market, the first thing you look at is its price. The cost of a used piano is lower than a new one. If you have quite a tight budget for a piano, purchasing a used one can be a better option. However, when it comes to buying a piano, the cost should be in line with the quality of the piano offered. It’s true that in the market involving pianos, the used ones are a lot cheaper and affordable than buying a newly built piano.

But as I had mentioned earlier, the cost must be in line with the quality of the piano itself. It’s not worth the money, even if it’s cheap when that piano requires extensive care and maintenance for the lack of service by the previous owner. But if you can get a hold of a high quality used piano that was well maintained and cared for, it becomes an absolute treasure. Moreover, an older built piano mostly costs less than the new ones but has greater quality in terms of value and history.

Some old pianos are crafted by hand, with elegant details and craftsmanship that make them a piece of art on their own. You would be lucky to find sellers who are in a rush to sell their piano because of a move or lack of interest for they might not be after a high price. Be sure to inspect properly before buying a used piano so that you wouldn’t regret it later. You can also have it inspected by a technician if you want to be certain that it is worth the deal.

A Variety Of Selection Offered In The Market

A used piano is sold abundantly in the market. That means you don’t have to worry about looking for a used piano because the market offers a huge a variety of used pianos that ranges from the brand and pricing to its size and design. If you happen to find a slight damage in one of the pianos you’re inspecting, you can always just move on and look for another until you have found the right piano for you.

This wide selection helps you in making a decision and gives you ample time to make research on which brand, size, and price of the piano are within your range of choice. So make sure that you’ve done proper research before getting your hands on a used piano. If you are looking for used piano, you can try Yamaha or Kawai, as they are among the most popular choice in Malaysia.

Newer pianos in the market today may have a limited selection, whereas the market for used pianos is huge and unique. The abundance of available items allows you to pick one that best strikes your fancy. You can also take advantage of this by testing as many items as possible. If one does not sound as good as you expect, you can always move on to another item.

The Value In A Used Piano Doesn’t Depreciate Over Time As Opposed To New Pianos

When you buy a new piano, there’s a good chance that its value might cheapen and devalue from when you first bought the piano. Unlike new pianos, most used pianos still maintain its value and you don’t have to think twice when selling it afterwards because its value doesn’t drop as new pianos do. This is mostly due to the high quality of timber used that makes it more durable than any other new pianos made. Besides, even if its value depreciates, it would not fall much more than it already has when you are trying to sell it back later in the future.

Older Pianos Has an Aged Sound That Helps in Maintaining Its Quality

The timber as part of the piano which had aged gracefully makes a mature and unique sound that makes different from the newly made pianos. A piano’s lifespan can last up to 60 years and probably longer if it were properly taken care of and maintained in preserving its sound quality. You just have to make sure to schedule proper maintenance and regular tune-ups that can help in preserving its unique quality.

A Range of Classical and Stylish Designs

Older pianos often come with very beautiful handcrafted designs and classical styles that rarely offered by newly built pianos. These designs make it so unique and different that meet up with everyone’s expectations that sometimes affect the value of the piano itself to maintain and not depreciate over time. Furthermore, the cheaper price than the new pianos offered makes the piano a must-have for everyone.

To conclude, a used piano itself has a lot of benefits in terms of its pricing, stylish handcrafted designs, aged quality and the none depreciating value that is embodied in the piano that helps preserve its own value throughout the ages. Indeed, you have to choose and inspect properly before buying a used piano, but once you have got a hold of high quality used piano that has been maintained with proper care such as piano tuning then it’s considered as an absolute treasure to every pianist.

Be ready to spend time checking out your best selections and testing different pianos. It will always be worth the time and effort for high quality, used pianos are a good investment.

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