7 Benefits of Playing the Piano

As a music lover, we can share with you hundreds of reason why we enjoy playing the piano and how it benefits us. Here are some proven benefits when you start playing the piano.

Benefit 1: Playing the piano helps you to relieve stress.

It is proven scientifically that playing the piano can help to improve mental health. People who tend to play the piano often experience less anxiety and also depression compare to others. Furthermore, it can also help you to improve your self-esteem, make you feel more positive throughout your day and lower your blood pressure. Even a few minutes playing the piano can improve your mood, which manifests on your body by boosting your immune system and lowering your blood pressure levels.

Benefit 2: Improve Your Concentration Skills

When you play the piano, you are required to use split concentration known as divided attention. You need to use both hands, reading the notes, and using the pedals at the same time. That’s a lot to do at the same time! You’ll start to find that multitasking skills to get better after playing the piano for a period of time. As you continue playing the piano, you will master the skill of split concentration, which gives long-term benefits. It helps you have well-coordinated eyes and hands while sharpening your concentration levels. In children, it enhances fine motor skills while adults who want to improve on their overall motor control can try piano classes in Malaysia. This skill is very helpful for practical applications such as when driving when you need to control your car and focus your eyes on the road for safety.

Benefit 3: It is easy to learn

Learning to play the piano is easy. You don’t have to deal with physical pain involved when playing the piano. Unlike playing the guitar, you will build up calluses on the finger. To play the piano, all you need to do is to sit down and press on the key. Formal lessons make it easier because your teacher will first establish good practices that are helpful for a more effective learning. These include the correct finger and hand position and good posture. The key to being a good piano player still relies on your willingness to spend time practicing. Even if you do not have any musical background, you can still learn the fundamentals and improve well.

Benefit 4: Neuroplasticity

If you aren’t sure what Neuroplasticity is, it is basically the ability of the brain to reorganize synaptic connections. In other words, it is the ability of the brain to change form when stimulated. This means that playing the piano, it changes the brain in a positive way. It is scientifically proven that music can stimulate the brain. When you are playing the piano, you are adding new neural connections. If you start practicing music at a young age, it can make structural changes to the brain that will benefit you.

Benefit 5: Improve School Performance.

Students who take piano classes tend to have better general cognitive development compared to students that don’t. If you took music classes at an early age, you will realize that you will be able to retain information in class. Since piano lessons stimulate the brain and improve your neural connections, it contributes to you being good in school and work.

Benefit 6: It is good for health

Playing the piano regularly can help to shapen your motor skills, improves hand-eye coordination. Not only that, it can help to reduce heart problems, lower blood pressure and increase immune response. Studies have even shown that it stimulates production of growth hormones in the body.

Benefit 7: Ability to take constructive criticism

If you learn to play the piano, you will often get lots of positive feedback and also constructive criticism from your teacher. It is never fun to receive criticism. However, if it is offered gently, it can help you to accept feedback in a positive way.


It is certain that it can benefit us physically and mentally. The most common problem that stops most people from playing this musical instrument is the price. It can be really expensive to buy a brand new piano. The best solution is to buy an affordable second-hand piano. If you are looking for preowned piano but you aren’t sure whether it is suitable for you, feel free to contact our team to assist you.

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