Top 9 Reasons To Hire A Professional Piano Mover in Malaysia

Piano Moving

In MyPianoMalaysia, we highly recommend you to hire a professional piano mover in Malaysia to shift your piano. The reason behind is that there is too many risks that’ll damage the piano. Here are 9 reasons to hire a piano mover.

Piano Moving

Reasons To Hire Professional Piano Movers 

1. Piano are oddly built, very heavy and not mover friendly. They can weigh up to 1000 pounds or more. We need piano movers who have the experience needed as every move will meet with new challenges. Not every move is the same. Different doorways, stairs, and tight corners. Please do not try to move a piano yourself to save some money. You will risk not only your safety but risk damaging the piano too. You may even break a bone or two. Damaging the piano or your doorway or staircase is small matter than putting your health at risk. Paying some money to hire a professional piano mover is justified and to avoid unnecessary trouble to make good the damage. You may spend more in the end.
2. People are willing to pay good money to hire professional piano movers as a piano is a precision instrument and require care handling. They are also bulky and not easy to move around corner, tight doorway, staircase and lift. Bulky as it is, cannot take rough handling.

3. Professional piano movers with years of experience and techniques learned will move your piano safely and quickly. They have special skids or piano trolley modified specifically to move pianos. Piano movers will also take their time to prepare the piano like wrapping it in blankets or soft materials in order to prevent knocks, scratches, and nicks. Every move is calculated for the safety of your piano.

4. A piano especially those that have been in the family for many years, carries lots of memories and have sentimental value. These values cannot be replaced once damaged. When you have to have your piano moved, please to not be shy to question the piano mover and be a fussy customer.

5. Even if you want to move your piano to a different room in your house, a piano mover service is required. Never ask your friends or relatives to help you. You may end up with the scratch wall, floor, and doorway. If you are unlucky, you may even end up with a damaged piano, your health, and a bruised ego.

6. Care is always taken by professional piano movers. They will treat your piano with tender loving care as this is their profession. Their reputation depends on moving the piano safely and without any damage.

7. The professional piano mover understand the piano inside out and knows how not to damage it unlike normal house mover. The normal house mover will treat it like any other heavy piece of furniture. It would be very sad to have a piano that has been with your for years damaged through wrong handling.

8. Piano are very heavy and the weight is equally distributed around the case. Unless the person handling the piano have the experience and the correct equipment, accidents can easily happen.

9. The charges by piano movers vary according to distance, the difficulty involved and whether it is a move from ground to ground or otherwise. Please discuss the price before moving to avoid any sudden surprise.

I am sure you will have a clear idea on choosing the best professional piano mover and what to expect and avoid. If you liked this article , make sure you check MyPianoMalaysia’s piano mover service because it makes it easy for you to hire a professional piano mover in your location.


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