Importance Of Piano Tuning For Pianist In Malaysia

Piano Tuning is important especially for Pianists in Malaysia. The reason behind this is because of the humidity. This causes the Piano to go out of tune easily. The piano has about 220 strings. Each string is tuned to a different pitch and frequency which must be tuned to match the other strings on the piano.

These strings will determine the sound quality of your piano. Therefore, taking care of them properly is very crucial. As time goes on, these strings can stretch due the  tension it must maintain. This causes the piano to go out of tune as the string stretches.

Pianos are easier to tune to the correct pitch, stay in better condition longer, and maintain their play-ability more easily when they are tuned on a regular basis.

Regular tuning can also prevent damage that is bound to occur when somebody plays overstretched strings. If a piano hasn’t been tuned for an extended period, it will cost more money and time  to get the piano back into tune again.

For these piano, a piano tuner have to try to bring the piano back in tune by raising the pitch of the piano slightly higher than normal. This will involves pulling all the strings tighter, which makes the pitch sharper. This overcompensation is to offset the rate at which the piano string stretches itself over time. Hopefully this will cause the piano to be in tune longer when the strings naturally stretch over time. By raising the pitch on your piano, the piano will maintain its pitch and also stay in tune longer.

To ensure the strings on your piano keep its elasticity  as long as possible, you should have the piano checked and tuned at least every six months to a year. If the strings deteriorate too much from lack of maintenance , or if the strings are out of tune for too long a period and not been actively played, then the piano may have to be restrung with new string. The cost would be exorbitant which can sometimes cost as much as buying a new piano. In order to avoid this from happening we must make sure to keep the piano played and serviced regularly.


Cost Of Piano Tuning Service In Malaysia

The nominal cost of a piano tuning service can range from RM100 to RM200, but in the long run, it cost less to tune a piano every six months than it does to repair it after years of neglect.  If the piano is new, it must be tuned at least four times during the first year, because the new strings will stretch faster and go out of tune faster sooner. If your piano is tuned regularly in the early years, it will be more likely to stay in tune for a longer period of time and bring enjoyment to the owner throughout the later years of its life.

It is very important for those learning how to play the piano to have a piano that is in tune so they can instinctively learn the pitches. If a piano player plays the piano with incorrect pitches, it will hinder him to play a tuned piano when the time comes, because the pitch will sound off and strange to them.

By having a piano regularly tuned, those who are learning can have a boost of confidence, because it’s exciting to be able to create beautiful music that sounds good. Having a well tune piano helps the learner to learn faster and enjoy playing it. The learner will feel motivated to learn to play the piano as he is able to enjoy the music he is producing. An out of tune piano will not let him enjoy his music and he will not be able to differentiate a wrong note from an out of tune note.

Take care of your piano and it will bless your life for years to come with beautiful music. If you want to ensure that your piano is always in good condition.

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