Piano Learning is For Everyone – Important Information To Help You Take Charge

Piano Learning

There are many misconceptions about the ideal age for learning or enrolling in piano lessons. Please stop giving yourself excuses that you are either too young or to old to start learning the piano. All you ever need is the right attitude and the eagerness to learn the piano. You may want to teach yourself through self learning and going through trial and errors, It is totally up to you.

Piano Learning

Getting Professional Help.

Getting professional music tutors will encourage the beginner to progress in their piano lessons. You may argue that there are many books and blogs on piano which can help you in your search for piano playing perfection. You can never learn about the intricate hand and finger movement through this way. You need to have the personal tutoring of a professional piano teacher to really understand the technique of hand and finger movements.

The experience and expertise of a professional music teacher can really guide you to the right technique and show you the intricacy of piano playing. If your technique is wrong, you will not be able to play those harder pieces of music. Its best to have a solid foundation in the fundamental of piano playing. A professional teacher will be able to encourage you to expand and improvise your potential which is not available through books and blogs.

To learn Keyboard Or A Piano

A keyboard is a miniature version of the piano and it is usually run electronically with high tech features. You can set the background music, add effects and increase or decrease the volume. It has way more features than a piano. But all in all it cannot be compared with the good old piano in aspect to sound and musical notes. The good point is it is much cheaper and one can start his musical journey by learning on a keyboard first. Getting started on a piano will be more expensive and may put you off.

Getting The Music Course Materials

Your music teacher will usually have a course ware or schedule for you to follow. This course ware will consist of some basic piano books on simple songs dealing with finger technique. All this will be systematically planned and for you to follow and practice. You should follow the practice schedule delegently.

Don’t be put off by books. Books can help you understand and give you more information on playing style and techniques. This techniques might otherwise be missed and not taught by your piano teacher. There are many beginners book that you can read up by both adults and kids. These are Faber and Faber, First Lessons and Bach to name a few.

Go Through The Music Pieces

When you get the course material from your teacher, you may want to begin playing immediately. But the question is, what should you play? As a beginner you will be very unfamiliar with the music pieces and will not know how to start.

That is why you need a music teacher to help you, she will select the suitable musical pieces for you to begin with and to your best ability. She will know how to select the pieces according to your potential. You will not be put off by the difficulties that you face during lessons. She will show you the fingering techniques and how best to play the piece selected. By playing the piece first you can see that it is not impossible to play it.

Age factor and Piano Playing

Age has never been an obstacle when it comes to learning. Age is actually an advantage. Kids may have better memory and can be able to quickly learn the chords and techniques when compared with adults. Adults may be unable to concentrate on the lesson because of their stressful lifestyle and daily responsibilities. But adults have abstractness and the understanding of music which kids do not have. It is the blessing of maturity and experience that adults have when it comes to learning music.

Piano Learning Tips For Kids Between 0-19 Years Old

Babies are very attuned to the surrounding sounds from the first day of life. Introducing a 6th to 10 months old baby to soothing music will help in stimulating the brain. When they reach 6 years of age they have developed skills to understand their surroundings. Music by Beethoven and Bach is well suited for kids as for their structure and soothing notes. Young kids, as opposed to teens are more malleable at this stage. We have to be more patient with teenagers between the age of 13-19 years old.

Piano Learning Tips For Kids Between 20-60 Years Old

Young adults will have the vigor and energy to practice but with increased responsibilities this energy may dwindle. People between the age group of 30-45 will have a lesser opportunity of becoming professional pianist. They can still learn playing simple classical and jazz music.

Adults from 50 years onwards do not have the memory and poor health may get into the way of learning music. But with dedication and will power, even a 60 year old can learn and enjoy playing the piano. Playing the piano is among the best brain exercises. It can delay the aging process. So it’s never been too late to starting learning the piano.


That’s all we have today regarding piano learning. We hope you enjoy this post. If you want to start to learn to play a piano, MyPianoMalaysia have everything you need to get started. We provide home piano lessons throughout Klang Valley. Just contact our team and we’ll get in touch with you shortly.

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