Piano Lesson – Boost Your Child’s Academic Performance

Piano Lesson Boost Child Academic Performance

Getting your children to learn to play a piano at a young age will certainly bring a lot of benefits to them especially in their academic performance. In this article, we’ll go through a list of benefits of playing a piano at a young age.

Piano Lesson Boost Child Academic Performance

1.Playing The Piano Improves Academic Skills

Music and mathematics aptitudes are mostly inter-related. Understanding and learning about, beats, rhythms, and scales, your child learn about pattern, organization, grouping and also fractions. In the course of the piano lessons, they will also learn about short and easy composition of music. Later they will move on to more advanced and even complex compositions. By doing this they will be able to build up their short and long term memory.

Many researchers have found out that piano lessons will stimulate the parts of the brain used in learning math and science thus a piano student will tend to learn these subjects faster than their friends. By handling the musical instruments, your child will also learn about basic physics. They will also learn that different pressure on the keys of the piano will produce different level of sound. All this learning will stimulate the brain and thus makes him a brighter child.

2.Learning The Piano Improves Concentration

A child is required to pay attention to many things at the same time when playing the piano. Other than observing their fingers, reading from the music sheet while listening to the notes and scales they are playing. All these have to be well co-ordinate. When you child can do all these at the same time his ability to focus and concentration improved tremendously.

Your child uses both his hands and even one leg at the same time while playing the piano. This activity will force his brain to use both the right and left brain simultaneously. This is good exercise for his brain development.

The right brain is used for artistic and creative activities and the left brain is for logical thinking activities. By using both sides of his brain at the same time, your child is stimulating his entire brain. This leads to a smarter child.

In a research conducted in 1992, pre-school children showed an increase of 46% in their IQ. This result was concluded only after eight months of studying the keyboard.

3.Learning The Piano Improves Communication And Social Skills

Studies have shown that group classes in music make children interact with each other. They learn to adjust in their interaction with people. When playing a musical instrument in a group or while accompanying other instruments, your child will learn to work together. Team work is essential for the final while playing music together. You cannot speed up or lag while working together. They will learn to be part of a team and feel proud when they could play the whole piece of music together.

4.Learning The Piano Refines Discipline And Patience

Learning to play the piano is about patience and delayed gratification. It may takes days, weeks and even sometimes months to play a piece perfectly. Countless hours of practice is required while learning to play the piano. Progress may be slow but the result is priceless. Here your child will learn to be patient and does not takes things for granted. He will know the benefits of discipline if he wants to reach a higher goal.

When your child play the piano in a large group, he must wait patiently for his turn to play the piano. In the mean time he has to sit quietly and let others take their time to practice. He learns to respect other people and to be fair in their dealings.

5.Learning The Piano Introduces Children To Other Cultures.

When learning about music, your child will learn music from other parts of the world. He will learn to appreciate music played by other children in the world. In advance classes he will learn different playing styles and learn about each style and its unique history. Your child will have a global outlook.

The advantages of learning the piano or any other musical instruments cannot be stressed enough. By sending him to music lessons your child will have a coveted talent for life. Act now and send him for his first music lesson. You will definitely not regret it.


Learning to play a piano can certainly bring you lots of benefits especially in boost your child’s academic performance. In MyPianoMalaysia, we have more than 50 professional piano teachers throughout Malaysia that you can choose from. What’s even more amazing is that, we provide home piano lessons in Malaysia. This means that you don’t have to waste your time to bring your kids to the piano center. If you are looking for piano class, feel free to contact our team to assist you to get a professional piano teacher near your location!

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