Where To Buy Used Piano (5 Actionable Tips)

Venturing into the piano market for the first time can feel overwhelming due to the vast array of choices available. To guide you through this process, we’ve compiled several recommendations that will enable you to buy a used piano at the best possible price.

There are a number of ways to look for used pianos. Each location will provide a new opportunity to get the piano to suit your budget. This article will guide you on your hunt for a used piano that suits not only your need but your pocket as well. It may not be the cheapest but one that is value for your money.

Where Can You Buy Used Pianos

Tip 1: Buying Used Piano Direct From Owners

Owners will sometimes sell their quality used pianos as they have grown busy and do not have the time to play on it anymore. They will only be happy to sell the piano to someone who can use it. The piano may have been in the family for many years but if it is well maintained it will still be able to provide years of service. Do not hurry in your hunt for a quality used piano. Do not buy the first one you see. Try a few others before you decide on the final one. You may regret if you buy the first piano you see. Visit the house and see the condition of the piano. See if it is kept in a good location. Look at the service record. Talk to the owner and take your time to decide. Cheap does not mean a good buy. Bring a qualified piano technician to have given you a report on the condition before you make the final decision. Do not forget to negotiate the price and come to a conclusion. After you’ve purchased the piano, you can always get your piano restored to look brand new. Your friends can’t even tell if its a used or brand new piano!

Tip 2: Purchasing From Churches

You may even get a good piano from churches. Churches will sell their piano after many years of use. This is because they may want to change to a new piano. The piano in the church is usually well taken off by the church members. The piano is normally well tuned and serviced to serve the community. It may be well used but a well-maintained piano can provide years of service. You may stop by during service to hear and appreciate the sound of the piano. Talk to the pianist to have a better picture of the piano condition.

Usually purchasing from the churches is a simple process. They will hire a professional to deliver the piano for you. So will save on the piano delivery.

Tip 3: Buying From A Licensed Dealer

Licensed piano dealers have many used pianos for you to choose from. The pianos are usually serviced and repaired before being offered for sale. They will usually buy pianos with the least problem from owners before they refurbish them. So the pianos they put up for sale are usually of good quality as they have a reputation to take care of. They may cost more than if you buy direct from owners but you can rest assured of the quality. Talk to them and they can walk you through their inventory to make sure you get the piano you want to be an upright, baby grand and even a grand piano. They will have your best interest in mind.

The piano that you buy from a licensed piano dealer is usually clean inside and out. All parts are checked and serviced. It will provide you with years of enjoyment. You will be lucky as they can even provide you with a warranty on the piano. If after a while you may change it to a better one if you find that the present one does not suit you. You are better protected if you buy from a licensed piano dealer. Most problems can be easily overcome as they have a large inventory of pianos.

Tip 4: Look For Pianos in Auction Sites

If you are in no hurry to get a piano, you can visit auction sites. Here you can easily get a quality piano for a fraction of the price. You have to bid for the piano but the key is not to bid for the first piano you see. You may not win the first time but in the process, you will know how to drive for a bargain and bid well. Do not follow your emotion while you bid for a piano, it’s never a good idea. Before you bit for a piano, it’s best you ask your professional piano technician to give you a report on the condition of the piano. It is very easy to get a lemon if you are not careful. Look around other auction sites and only bid if the piano meets your requirement.

Tip 5: Buying From Major Music Stores

Large music stores normally carry a range of branded second-hand pianos like the Yamaha & Kawai. They usually provide a good after-sales service for your piano. A new piano also gives you 5 years warranty for you to have peace of mind. Buying new pianos will give you years of service. Sometimes you may even sign up a service package with them to keep your piano in perfect condition. They will also advise you on how to take care of your piano in perfect condition.

In conclusion, buying a quality used piano is not difficult if you have the patience and perseverance. Buying it used can save you a lot of money than buying a new one. 

If you want to get rid of the hassle of looking for a piano by yourself, feel free to contact us our friendly team will assist you to select the right models that are suitable for your requirements.

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