4 Actionable Tips To Communicate Best With Your Piano Mover

Good communication is the key to almost every relationship regardless if its long or short-lived ones. You don’t need a long-lasting relationship with your piano movers. However, it is important that you communicate well with them to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

Piano movers need your help and guidance to get your musical instrument transport from one location to another. They’ll need to know where are you moving, where you want the piano to be located at the new place. If you have no idea where you want to place your piano in your new home, you can always ask our piano movers for advice.  

In this article, we will be sharing with you a few actionable tips that can help you communicate with your piano movers during the process of shifting your musical instrument.

Communicate Best With Your Piano Mover

1. Treat Them Like Your Guests

When the movers arrive at your home, it is a great idea to treat them as your guests even though they are moving the piano for you. Greet them politely and introduce yourself to them. You can even offer a drink such as water. 

2. Provide Them The Right Details

During the moving day, it is crucial when you get a free quote for the move, you need to ensure that you have stated all the details down such as the location, the piano dimensions, and etc. This will make sure that you will get an accurate quotation from the moving company. Besides that, it will also make it easy for your piano movers to know exactly what equipment they need to get the job done.

It is also crucial that you let them know any access issues such as stairs or elevator. This is because the price of moving the piano will be different.

After you get your quote for piano moving, you should have a clear understanding of what your movers will take care of during the day of your move.

3. Show Piano Movers What Needs to be Done

The moving crew should already know what they need to do to get the job done. However, it is a great idea to remind them again what will need to be done so they don’t have any other questions.

4. Provide Feedback 

Once your piano arrived safely to your location, the last part of communicating with the movers is to provide feedback. Regardless if you have a good or bad experience, the moving company you hired needs to know about their service so they can improve. 


If you follow our 4 tips properly, then moving day doesn’t have to be hard. When you hire a professional piano mover and you communicate well, you can expect everything to go smoothly.

Also, if you are looking to move your piano near your location, we have a team of professional piano movers throughout Malaysia that can move any types of piano regardless if its a digital piano or grand piano. Feel free to contact us today to get a free estimate

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