Dangers of DIY Piano Moving – What You Need To Know

When it comes to moving a piano, you need specialized skills and accessories to ensure that the musical instrument is transported safely. It is not advisable to do it by yourself as it can cause unsafe situations. You could potentially damage your piano permanently if you are not careful. We understand that most people want to save some money by moving by themselves but you could end up wasting more money if something happened to the piano. Therefore, we highly suggest working with a reputable piano moving company to ensure that your musical instrument is transported smoothly. By the end of reading this article, you’ll discover the potential danger of moving the piano by yourself.

danger piano moving

Permanent Damage of the Piano

You must first understand your piano is a delicate instrument with thousands of moving and non-moving parts working together to produce the wonderful musical notes. Wrong handling can result in expensive repairs and in some worst-case scenario will render your piano unrepairable or cannot be repaired to the original state. You may even have to buy a new piano. Nobody has the time and resources for that misadventure.

Hiring an inexperienced mover is also not an option. They may not have the necessary experience or equipment to carry out the work. You may end up with not only a damaged piano but damaged to your property. You may have dented walls, chipped corners, damaged door frames and even scratched floors are some of the problems you may face. If that is your own home you may have to get it repaired before you can sell it. Or if that is a rented property you may even have to forfeit your deposit or pay for costly maintenance bills.

By hiring us as your professional piano mover you can avoid all these headache and heartache. Our movers are well-trained and have the necessary experience and equipment to do a proper and professional job. You will have peace of mind knowing that your piano is in good hands and will arrive at the new location without any surprises.


Some pianos are as heavy as small cars in their weight and size. That said, injuries from poor piano moving can be very serious. Medical treatments and hospital visits are very expensive and time-consuming. This goes by the saying ‘Penny wise but Pound foolish’

There will be no saving in doing DIY piano moving projects. Leave it to the professional.

There is also a possibility of hurting kids and pets. These injuries can even be fatal. We are sure you would not like to be in these situations. To avoid all these contact us and let us do these dangerous tasks.

We have been moving pianos in Malaysia for more than 30 years. Your piano will be moved safely and stored in the most stable condition. You can rest assured your piano will perform as well in your new location.


Damage and injury as a result of improper handling of your piano can result in a lawsuit. In this situation, nobody can emerge as a winner. Your reputation and the reputation of the piano moving company can be ruin. Why put yourself in this delicate situation?

Our movers have years of experience and can handle almost all difficult situation that may arise on site. We have specially designed lorry and equipment to handle your precious piano. Our lorry is equipped with hydraulic lift and fully covered to protect your piano.


It could be many reasons that you want to move your piano on your own. It could be you are an advocate for DIY projects or you are thinking about your budget. But don’t be ‘Penny wise and Pound foolish’ Contact us today and let us do all the dangerous task.

In conclusion

As you can see, it is not a good idea to move the piano by yourself. We advise you to hire a piano mover near you to get your musical instrument transport to your desired location safely. In MyPianoMalaysia, we have a team of professional piano movers throughout Malaysia that are capable to move any types of pianos. Feel free to reach out to us to get a free quote today!

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