Digital Pianos Buying Guide – 4 Steps To Acquire One Now in 2020

Digital Pianos Buying Guide

Selecting the ideal digital piano can appear overwhelming because of the limited information accessible online. The considerable progress in the technology of these musical instruments renders the process of filtering through numerous choices to make a well-informed decision particularly laborious. This situation carries the danger of settling on a subpar option. Initially, you may be […]

Piano Learning is For Everyone – Important Information To Help You Take Charge

Piano Learning

There are many misconceptions about the best age to start piano lessons or to begin the journey of learning to play the piano. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you’re too young or too old to start your piano journey. What’s really important is that you approach learning with the right attitude and a […]

Tips To Get Kids Interested in Piano Playing with These Tips

Tips to Get Your Kids Interested in Piano Playing

Regularly practicing the piano can greatly aid in our personal growth, especially in children. As we discussed in our previous article, piano instruction can significantly improve a student’s educational performance. If you’re a parent reading this, you’re likely looking for various ways to ignite your child’s passion for the piano. It’s quite usual for some […]

6 Tips on How to Take Care of Your Used Piano

Owning a piano gives you the chance to explore its keys, and you might find yourself playing pieces by Beethoven or Mozart. However, beyond learning to play the piano, it’s crucial to know how to properly maintain it. Putting your money into a used piano is an important economic choice, and keeping this cherished instrument […]

Yamaha Vs Kawai Used Piano – Updated Article

Hey, melody fans! Ready to explore the battle between **Yamaha** and **Kawai pianos**? These titans are making waves in the world of music, each flaunting a distinct flair. Kawai, the maverick, throws in composites and plastics, straying from the traditional wooden path. On the flip side, Yamaha sticks to the heritage of pure wood. This […]