How To Practice Piano – Tips For Beginners

How To Practice Piano

Enrolling in a piano lesson in Malaysia is a critical step in your journey as a musician, but it’s not the only step towards making considerable advancements. Such lessons aim to guide you and establish a robust musical base. However, to truly achieve mastery over piano playing, it’s crucial to consistently practice your pieces until […]

9 Things & Tips To Know Before Your Child Starts Piano Lessons

10 Things To Take Note Before Your Child Starts Piano Lessons

Prior to signing your child up for piano lessons, it’s important to ponder a curated collection of suggestions. This includes what you’ll need to buy, key notions to grasp, and choices to consider in advance. By following through the checklist you will be able to speed up your child’s learning curve in studying music by […]

4 Actionable Tips To Communicate Best With Your Piano Mover

In any kind of relationship, whether it’s short-lived or lasting, successful communication plays an essential role. While it’s not required to develop a close connection with your piano movers, it’s important to maintain transparent and direct communication to ensure a smooth process. Piano movers need your help and guidance to get your musical instrument transport […]

Dangers of DIY Piano Moving – What You Need To Know

Buying a piano represents a significant investment, as these musical instruments don’t come cheap. Chances are, you’ve specifically saved up to acquire a top-quality piano, and it makes complete sense to do everything you can to keep it in great shape. Moving such a large and heavy instrument securely necessitates specialized knowledge and equipment. Considering […]

10 Top Mistakes Make By People When They Buy A Piano

At MyPianoMalaysia, we believe that interacting with musical instruments profoundly enhances people’s lives. Our goal is to help people find the perfect used piano. For this reason, we have gathered a list of typical errors often made when buying a piano for the first time. We strongly suggest going through this list to steer clear […]

Difference Between The Piano And Keyboard – What You Need To Know

Difference Between The Piano And Keyboard

If you’re new to the piano scene and excited to dive into learning, the initial sticker shock of purchasing a new piano might catch you off guard. This might make you wonder whether having a real piano is truly essential. Moreover, considering that electronic keyboards present a much more affordable option while seeming to provide […]

Piano Lesson – Boost Your Child’s Academic Performance

Piano Lesson Boost Child Academic Performance

Motivating your children to begin piano lessons from a young age can significantly boost their academic achievements and provide extra advantages. This article aims to delve into the broad spectrum of beneficial impacts associated with starting piano lessons early. 1.Playing The Piano Improves Academic Skills Music and mathematics aptitudes are mostly inter-related. Understanding and learning […]

3 Things You Need To Consider Before Moving a Piano

Purchasing a piano is a substantial financial commitment for numerous people. Consequently, it makes sense to take every measure to protect this valuable musical instrument. However, some attempt to save money by skimping on proper piano moving care. This decision can have severe consequences. In the end, it may lead to increased costs for repairing […]